How to make a WordPress website?

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How to create a website using the FREE WordPress Platform 

Starting an online business of any kind requires a website today. No matter what kind of business model you are thinking of starting, a website is a must if you want to have a successful online presence.

If you want to make money online, represent your business,, or do affiliate marketing, you should think of having a website first. It is affordable, professional and works for you round the clock.

When I started my online business back in 2014, I did not know to start a website and also did not inform myself well about how to create it or whether it is important for my business.

I ignored the idea and wasted time, energy and money. Today, I am going to tell you what you should do to have a good start using a website first.

[box type=” info”] Before that let me tell you what you have done wrong and what you should avoid doing and what you should do to save time and money.

What I did not do in 2014:

  • I did not inform myself well I ignored the importance of having a website
  • I wasted time seeking free alternatives and registering for fake promising money-making websites.
  • I did not seek affordable premium solutions form y business model.

What you should not do:

  • Inform yourself well about your business model: Affiliate marketing, Freelancing, E-commerce, Content writing, and blogging.
  • Whatever the idea is, you should get valuable information for a good start Take the idea of having a professional website so serious. It is affordable and gives you ongoing eligibility on the internet.
  • Never try out free resources that you are not sure of. Of course, there is so much good free stuff on the internet, something that will pay off will never be free, remember this. Look for affordable and reliable services and hire their experts to do the work for you if you don’t have the skills or time to.
  • Never waste time learning things when you seek urgent results. I agree that learning things is nice and adds up to your potentials and personality, but when it comes to making money online premium services work well and they are not expensive either.
  • Create a plan and start today.

1 – How to create a website for free?

Now that we have gone through that long introduction, let us see how you can create a website for free. When I say for free, it does not mean you won´t pay anything. Still, you will do so many things that Ii am going to show for free.

Creating a website today is free thanks to so many open-source softwares on the Internet. Some of them are free and some others are not.

Today we are going to learn how to create a website using a worldwide trustworthy platform that millions of websites use to manage their content. It is WordPress.

I am sure you have heard of this amazing Content Management System (CMS) before. Surely, you have surfed so many amazing websites on the internet using this platform.

 A – So what is WordPress and How can I use it to create a free Website?

how to create a website

WordPress is an open-source platform developed by so many international developers. It is a free CMS to use from anyone who wants to start a website for free. It does not cost you anything. You can download it, install it and start building your website immediately.

Generally, WordPress is developed by PHP, but you do not have to have a good background in this programing language to create a WordPress website. However, if you have some knowledge will help you all the way long.

B – Why you should use WordPress?

how to create a website

  • It is a free and reliable content management system that millions of famous websites use.
  • It is easy to customize and learn.
  • It does not require deep technical knowledge to use and manage. A few lessons can be enough to learn how to use.
  • You can choose from thousands of free themes and plugins to use for your website or blog. Most WordPress developers upload their amazing work into the official WordPress repository for free use
  • WordPress Codex is easy to understand if you want to go deep into developing your plugins or themes
  • There is a large support community in terms of forums and groups around the internet providing free help and support.

C – Who uses WordPress:

how to create a website

  • Bloggers and content writers. WordPress is mainly developed to create professional blogs.
  • Companies and businesses use WordPress to manage their content and represent their products and services
  • Online shops and e-commerce services use WordPress to sell their products using a famous plugin called – WooCommerce.
  • Anyone can use WordPress to show any type of content for any type of audience.

WordPress provides a wide range of free possibilities that so many other platforms don´t. I use WordPress for all my online business.

2 – What do I need to get started?

You need 4 major steps to get started with WordPress to create a website for free:

A – Domain Name:

how to create a website

example of domain names:,,

A domain name is the name of your website that should represent your business online.

Where do you get a domain name and how much does it cost?  

Domain names are not expensive and they usually cost between 1$ up to 14$ a year. When you know how your domain name should look like, you go to one of the providers like NameCheap or SitGround.

Check for the availability of the domain name in both NameCheap and SiteGround. You can buy domain names with .com .net .org or any ending you wish to.

If your content is soled intended for your country readers, then it is highly recommended to choose the ending of your country.

Now that your site has a name, let us choose a convenient hosting for your Website.

B – Hosting:

How to create a website

Your website files need to be hosted somewhere and served to visitors. A dedicated hosting company is required for this. You need to register an account by one oft he most reliable hosting companies out there.

Here are some of the companies I recommend and use for all the business websites I have:


It is cheap as their business name reveals and they are reliable too. Name cheap is a leading company in Web Hosting, especially for Managed WordPress. Managed WordPress is my recommendation for your next WordPress Website.

Namecheap Provides cheap Managed WordPress starting from 3.88 $ a month with 50 000 visitors a month, free CDN and 10 GB SSD Storage. For a starter, it is more than enough to launch your free website.

Watch this video on how to install WordPress using Managed WordPress by Namecheap. It is easy and can be done in minutes:


how to greate a website

SiteGround is considered to be one of the most trustworthy hosting companies in the market. It is even recommended by
They provide a wide range of options for your website:

  • Price starts from 3.95/m with the following great features
  • Free WordPress install functionality even non-techies can install WordPress website
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Email
  • Free CDN
  • Unlimited addon-domains
  • Easy to install WordPress functionality
  • Unlimited free daily backups
  • ….and more

You can host your WordPress website in their WordPress Hosting program. They have released a new and modern tool where you can manage your files easily. The interface is user-friendly and free of charge.

The pricing system SiteGround uses in comparison with the high quality they offer is to be the best choice.

3 – Installing WordPress:

Installing WordPress should not be a problem today. This is because most Web Hosting companies provide what we call Managed WordPress hosting and cPanel. This feature saves you lots of money and you can create your website for free.

However, if you still want to let someone do the work for you, please pay no more than 100$ for that and it should include:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Configuring WordPress Security
  • Installing Child Theme in order not to lose your custom designs or changes in the future if the mother theme gets updated
  • Install the required plugins and themes.

4 – Writing Content and Launch your website:

how to create a website

Once your website is configured and your theme is installed and designed, it is time for writing content.

Content writing should not be that difficult if you can convey the message. People tend to like reading easy language free of complicated structures.

  • Try your best to write short paragraphs and be short when you describe something.
  • Be aware that you tell the people what you want straight forward is important and saves the hassle of understanding the clues.
  • If you are not a good writer or you simply do not have time. Please outsource it. There are thousands of good writers at Fiverr who are ready to write good SEO content for your website.

When your content is ready to launch your website and enter the world of online business. Please take the following tips after you launch your WordPress Website:

  • Please create an account in all famous Social Media and connect your website to them
  • Get involved in Social media and share your content
  • Promote your business and never rely on SEO alone.

Good luck