8 Top Dating Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Dating is constantly evolving, influenced by societal changes and cultural shifts. As we approach 2024, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest dating trends to navigate the modern dating landscape successfully. In this article, we will explore eight top dating trends projected to shape the dating behaviors of singles in 2024. From smashing the date-triarchy to vision board dating, these trends highlight the changing attitudes and priorities of individuals in their search for love.

Dating Trends to Watch

1. Smashing the Date-Triarchy: Redefining Relationship Expectations

Societal expectations surrounding relationships have traditionally revolved around settling down, getting married, and having children. However, in 2024, singles are increasingly challenging these norms. Instead of conforming to societal pressures, individuals are prioritizing their personal needs and goals. They are embracing the concept of “smashing the date-triarchy,” which entails choosing their own path and dating according to their own desires. Age is seen as just a number, as 85% of people believe, and the ticking clock of societal expectations is being ignored. Dating is now about prioritizing mental health, family, and career before settling down.

2. Contra-Dating: Broadening Horizons and Breaking Free from Types

Another prominent trend in 2024 is contra-dating, which involves dating outside of one’s usual “type” or preferred compatibility criteria. This trend is driven by the desire to broaden horizons and explore new experiences. With 59% of individuals actively broadening their dating options, they are breaking free from the cycle of dating similar characters that haven’t worked out in the past. Contra-dating is about embracing open-mindedness and being willing to explore connections with individuals who might not fit the traditional mold.

3. Investi-Dating: Taking Social Media Stalking to New Heights

In the digital age, social media plays a significant role in dating. However, in 2024, singles are taking their detective work to new lengths with the rise of investi-dating. This trend involves conducting extensive research on potential dates across various social media platforms. For 77% of UK singles, social media research has become a pre-date ritual. It serves as a safety measure to verify a person’s identity and gain deeper insights before meeting them in person. Investi-dating allows individuals to enter first dates with a greater understanding of their potential partners.

4. Rizz-Colored Glasses: The Attraction of Charisma and Its Pitfalls

Charisma and charm, also known as “rizz,” have always been attractive qualities in potential partners. In 2024, 52% of singles find rizz appealing. However, 43% have fallen for someone’s rizz, only to realize that the person lacks depth and emotional connection. This phenomenon is referred to as wearing rizz-colored glasses. It highlights the importance of looking beyond surface-level charm and focusing on building meaningful connections based on shared values and compatibility.

5. Canon-Bailing: Prioritizing Personal Identity and Growth

As individuals navigate the dating world, many are embracing the concept of canon-bailing. This trend involves cultivating one’s identity outside of a romantic relationship. Just like the hero’s journey, canon-bailing signifies a pivotal moment that changes one’s life and sets them on a better path. In 2024, 32% of singles know someone who has canon-bailed, choosing to prioritize their own needs and personal growth over being in a relationship. It’s a reminder that self-discovery and self-care are essential aspects of the dating journey.

6. Vision Board Dating: Manifesting Love in New Locations

For those considering a move or already planning to relocate, vision board dating offers a unique approach. This trend involves adjusting your dating app location to the desired city or location you’re considering moving to. By doing so, singles can meet potential partners in their dream location, manifesting their romantic aspirations. Approximately 23% of singles have experimented with changing their app location to a more desirable place, fantasizing about romantic beach dates or scenic hikes in a different city.

7. Thera-posing: Setting Boundaries and Communicating Effectively

Clear boundaries and open communication are crucial for healthy relationships. However, in 2024, singles have expressed hesitations around their dates excessively leveraging “therapy speak.” Thera-posing refers to the overuse or mislabeling of clinical terms and language to describe certain behaviors. While therapy can be beneficial for personal growth, it’s important to ensure that communication in relationships remains authentic and free from jargon. Setting boundaries and prioritizing genuine and open conversations is key to building strong connections.

8. Premature Intimacy: Balancing Vulnerability and Emotional Boundaries

Building emotional connections and vulnerability are essential for meaningful relationships. However, in 2024, the trend of premature intimacy has emerged as a cautionary trend. Oversharing personal information and diving into deep emotional topics too soon can create unnecessary drama and potentially lead to discomfort. Approximately 65% of singles have experienced oversharing too quickly, highlighting the importance of pacing emotional intimacy and allowing relationships to develop naturally.


As we look ahead to 2024, the dating landscape continues to evolve, reflecting changing societal norms and individual priorities. From smashing the date-triarchy to investi-dating, these trends shape how singles approach relationships and prioritize personal growth. By staying informed about these dating trends, individuals can navigate the modern dating world with confidence, embracing new experiences, and forging meaningful connections. So, as you embark on your dating journey in 2024, remember to stay open-minded, prioritize your own needs, and enjoy the adventure of finding love.